District President

— Lynne Creasy, Lynchburg

District President Elect

— Carol Wood, Poquoson

District Treasurer

— James (Jim) Puckett, Wythe

District Secretary

— Marie Warren, Hampton Roads Networking/Tidewater

District Immediate Past President

— William (Bill) Trimble, Wythe/Hampton

District Vice President for Training and Education

— Robert (Bob) L. Moore, Jr., Wythe

President for District Foundation

— Susan Brewer, Peninsula Networking/Hampton

Region 11 Vice President, National Exchange Club

— Billy Wineholt, Hanover, PA

Board of


Division 1 (Blackstone, Lynchburg, Regional Exchange Club of Lynchburg, Martinsville)

— Barry Stephens, Lynchburg

Division 2 (Poquoson, York, Richmond, Henrico)

— Jesse Wood, Poquoson

Division 5 (Peninsula Networking, Hampton Roads Networking, Hampton, Wythe)

— Marie Warren, Hampton Roads Networking, Tidewater

Division 6 (New Horizon, Special Friends of Hampton, Old Point Comfort)

— William "Bill" Trimble, Wythe/Hampton

Division 7 (Suffolk, Tidewater)

— Margaret Moore, Hampton Roads Networking/Suffolk/Tidewater



New Club Building and Membership (Recruitment, Retention, Attendance)

— Carol Wood, Poquoson

Conferences and Conventions

— Michael B. Spencer, Lynchburg

— Marie Warren, Hampton Roads Networking

Marketing and Public Relations

— Jesse Wood, Poquoson

District Minimum Standards

— Bob Moore, Wythe

— Marie Warren, Hampton Roads Networking/Tidewater

Budget and Finance

— James (Jim) Puckett, Wythe


Committee Chairs

Prevention of Child Abuse

— Donna Hodges, Peninsula Networking

ACE Award/Scholarship

— Michael B. Spencer, Lynchburg

Youth of the Year

— Nancy Trimble, Hampton

All-American Volunteer

— C. Ridgely (Ridge) White, Lynchburg

Distinguished Virginian

— Alma Dietz, Wythe

Training and Education

— Robert (Bob) Moore, Wythe

— Susan Brewer, Peninsula Networking/Hampton


— Susan Brewer, Peninsula Networking/Hampton

Exchangite of the Year and Cardinal Club (Past Presidents' Club)

— Debbie Stoddard, Hampton Roads Networking

Honor Roll

— Claude Carmack, Henrico/Lynchburg

Keeper of the "Suit" (Time Out Teddy)

— Claude Carmack, Henrico/Lynchburg

District Volunteer Field

Representatives (VFR's)

— Susan Brewer, Peninsula Networking/Hampton

— Robert (Bob) L. Moore, Jr., Wythe/Suffolk

— Claude Carmack, Henrico/Lynchburg



Bulletin Editor

— Frances Carmack, Henrico


— Jesse Wood, Poquoson


— Mary Stephens

Chaplain, Minister of Protocol, Historian

— Robert (Bob) Moore, Wythe/Suffolk

Nominating Committee

— William "Bill" Trimble, Wythe/Hampton


— Susan Brewer, Peninsula Networking/Hampton